Wireless Water Level Indicator/Controller
The water level Indicator/controller (Tank water level Indicator) employs a simple mechanism to detect and indicate the water level in an overhead tank. This is a five level indicator. The transmitter will send radio signal that will be received by the receiver. The receiver updates different levels LED depending upon the water level in the water tank. (Five level/LED water level indicator). A buzzer (water level indicator alarm) is also added which will automatically start as the water level becomes full. The user has to press the button on receiver to stop the buzzer.

Installation Procedure
Installation of water level indicator is a very simple task. The task of installation comprises of two parts, Receiver and Transmitter connection.

Receiver Installation:
Step 1: The power adapter is the ready-to-use kind, which can be easily plugged into an outlet and other end of adapter can be easily plugged into receiver.
Step 2: Switch on the power adapter after installation of transmitter.

Transmitter Installation:
Step 1: Insert two battery cell (AA) into transmitter and close it properly.
Step 2: The transmitter will be placed on water tank. It’s one side consists of  a wire (antenna) that will always be kept in open.
Step 3: The other end consists of six different color wires (sensing wires). Arrange the wires according to the height of the water in the tank.

The arrangement of wires is as shown below:
i. Set the level of common sensor (Black) at the bot-tom of tank.
ii. Set the level of Brown wire at the 20% level of tank.
iii. Set the level of Red wire at the 40% level of tank.
iv. Set the level of Orange wire at the 60% level of tank.
v. Set the level of Yellow wire at the 80% level of tank.
vi. Set the level of Green wire at the 100% (Full) level of tank.

Step 4: All the six wires will immersed into overhead tank properly.


Product Range
The water level Indicator will work efficiently in a multiple storey building of five (5) floors. Installation of the receiver in open will increase its efficiency.

Features/ Uses of water level indicator
i. Easy Installation.
ii. Long Transmitter battery life (min 365 days).
iii. Low maintenance, fully automatic and no hassle of wires.
iv. Compact elegant design and consume very little energy consumption.
v. It ensures no overflow there by saves electricity and water.
vi. Water proof transmitter. The transmitter can be placed on plastic /overhead water tank.
vii. Its save water and electricity. The water level indicator price will recover in 4-5 months.

Do’s and Don’ts
i. Clean the wires head in overhead tank at least once in 2-3 months for better reception.
ii. There is a single open wire attached to transmitter, this wire is antenna for transmitter. This a fixed length wire. Do not cut it or join it with other wire.